The Goal

The Reason I think that I found this fun.

If you are unfamiliar with the “SCP Foundation”, basically its a fictional world of top secret creatures and anomalies. It is a delight to read but would not reccomend if creepy pastas of yore were enough for nightmares. The meat and potatoes are written in a very clinical way that really enhances the more emotional portions of entries.


Helpful Resources:

This tutorial: How To GPT2

And from that this delightful colab notebook: Notebook

How it was done

After some ugly jamming of content together I made a giant document of a ton of the SCP entries and ran them through a GPT-2 training model. I had done some of this in a video generation project (to be written up) and was delighted to see that it was still cool. I think I like the ominous and poetic context to writing because it can say something like “The stars are no” and sound creepy as opposed to just sounding asinine. Gotta have some suspension though.

I think it would have been interesting to throw in some excerpts from Lovecraft or some other public domain author that way I could treat it like a big ol melting pot but I decided against to keep it as SCP as possible.

I forget how long it took to dump out the entries but 271 entries were generated.

I split the entries into collections to make them more manageable and I had for a short period of time a Voice synthesis running on twitch that broadcasted the entries with the goal of creating a sort of numbers station / deadman’s switch but I really would have ended the world had I been in charge of those systems.

Then I was able to get Hugo up and running to post this someplace. I had wild dreams of the SCP foundation coming to me and begging me to explain my genius so it needed to be public.

Since Hugo uses the files to make content it was just a matter of using python to rename a large group of the entries. I believe this is where the idea of collections occurred to arrange things better.

I used Blender to make the logo for the site. The head-cannon I had setup is the idea of a SCP that was created to predict other SCP’s. Of course possibly accidentally making ones that didn’t exist. There are already better written entries like this on the site.

Some fun excerpts:

I felt the tears. The tears. The tears. And then they came, the tears. They were the tears, the tears.

The world is bent on destroying you. You are nothing but a piece of the puzzle. you’re doomed. You’re doomed.

Transmission 7

Now, I’d like to say, it’s not that I’m trying to kill you. It’s just that I can’t stop the flow of blood. . . just a slow, steady, steady, steady, steady, never slowing down. . .

I mean, it’s not that I’m trying to kill you, it’s just that I can’t stop the flow of blood.

The thing is, I’ve been trying. . . I’ve tried several times. . . I’ve tried everything. . . according to what happened, and I don’t know if I can stop it. . .

And what does that mean?

It means that I can stop the flow of blood.

And that means that I can stop the flow of blood.

And that means that I can stop the flow of blood.

And that means that I can stop the flow of blood.

And that means that I can stop the bleeding.

Transmission 17

“He has a gun. He has an axe.”

“He’s not mine.”

“No, he’s mine.”

“Your dad, you know.”

“No, not really. He’s just a kid, he’s a little jerk.”

“He’s my own dad. I’m just a little jerk.”

“Your dad?”

“You are right, and you’re wrong.”

“He’s not mine. He’s mine.”

“No, he’s mine. I’m not mine. He’s mine. I’m mine.”

“He’s mine. He’s mine. I’m mine.”

SCP-043-1-J is capable of producing the optic fibers of a standard human eye, when presented with a subject’s eye, they will instead produce these fibers of a type of high-grade glass. This allows the subject to see in a natural way. These fibers are visible when the subject is wearing glasses, but only through the lens. The fibers are visible when the subject is wearing a full-length thick-tissue, full-body medical suit. The fibers will slowly grow in size, stretching beyond their original size of approximately a millimeter.

Raw Site

Getting the page to play nice with my portfolio site is ongoing so the link below is the site with zero of the correct formatting. I will likely leave it up so that it can be downloaded more easily, but I do plan on getting the Hugo site nice and formatted again. Bulk SCP Texts

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