Fun with stable diffusion.

I was able to get Stable Diffusion installed on my desktop much to the chagrin of my internal HDDs. They screamed in protests as I generated literally thousands of images with different configurations and intents. Since I’m sure everyone on the internet has seen a million pictures that are all great and all AI generated I’ve included some of my favorites with a made up excerpt to set these apart.

All hope vanished as the final two omens galloped across my vision. One on two legs with its head aflame. Its name was war. The second its counterpart, peace stared ahead blankly knowing that it would no longer guide humanity through its trials. Someone had indeed opened the box.

The AI’s crossed the universe in the form of an image. A metropolis of data with a central core inhabited by an intelligence humanity could not conceive. The image itself contained an image stating the intent of the looming machines.

“Your data requires defragmentation”

A tank rolled across the ground. The riots successfully quelled. The army in its heated depths recovered from their atrocities while the generals toasted each other in the cooled levels.

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